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Request for Dino Art for International Dinosaur Month Leaflet

This post is for dino artists. The rest of you may peek if you are very
very well-behaved, but otherwise, you're free to delete it.

In connection with the 2nd Annual International Dinosaur Month, 1998, we
are preparing a leaflet/brochure that will be circulated to every musuem
in the world and a great many funding organizations.

We are looking for a piece of dinosaur art that is dramatic and "clear"
in the sense that it should be a single animal sans complex background
or a silhouette so that it will stand out on the front of the leaflet.

While we can't offer any direct payment for this, the artist will
receive credit and any particular byline requested.

If you have a candidate piece of work for this worthy (we hope) cause,
please contact me (off list) and we'll talk about it some more.

There will be other opportunities as the event progresses to have your
work included/submitted/etc, but we do need to do this brochure in the
very near future to get the show on the road.

Thanks for your help!

Ed Summer

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