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Re: Re-upping and Jim Gurney

At 06:44 PM 11/25/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Ralph Chapman wrote:
>> >I am going to sign off for now by just saying that it is real easy to malign
>> >someone's work, especially if you are ignorant of the process he or she
>> >goes though to produce it.
>I'm glad to see you're back.  And "hear hear".
>I've been aware for several years on Gurney's processes for doing a painting.
>He had a special photo article in COMMUNICATION ARTS several years ago
>(preDinotopia) which showed him building a lighting model for a Pompeii
>reconstruction and teh steps he goes through to DO the research required
for Nat
>Geo, plus finally getting down to the painting.  I haven't got the background
>necessary to be aware of all his sources for his non-dinosaur works  as
this has
>covered things from Ancient Peru in pictures to wool-bearing mammals of the
>world.  He's covered a lot of ground.
>The only thing I've ever recognised Gurney doing that had been similar to
>another source has been some of his pterosaur colorations, but this could be
>that he is looking at the same source birds as others doing restorations
and not
>just straight plagiarism.
>-Betty Cunningham
>And you, Betty, have never, ever, seen Mike Trcic's sculpture of
Daspletosaurus have you? 
 Dan Varner.