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Re: Oz dromaeosaurs(Re: Megaraptor)

Brian Choo said:

>You are right in that the Australian dromaeosaur material is based solely
>on teeth (over 30 teeth known from Dinosaur Cove and Flat Rocks in
>Victoria) However the teeth of spinosaurs (Baryonyx, Irritator) are
>extremely distinctive in being slender,conical structures with no
>serrations visible to the naked eye and would have been immediately
>recognised as such.

Wait a sec.  If (a) dinosaur teeth are normally non-diagnostic, (b)
Australian dromaeosaurs are known only from teeth, and (c) the
distinctiveness of spinosaur teeth seems to rest on their lack of any
derived characters, how can you conclude that some otherwise non-descript
teeth are dromaeosaurid?  The possibility of convergent evolution in this
case would seem too great to ignore.

  --Toby White