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Re: Re-upping and Jim Gurney

Do you or Brian Franzik know the circumstances of this painting?
I sure don't.
1-was it something Gurney discussed with Trcic before hand?
2-was it a special request by an editor to copy the sculpture?
3-was Gurney making a personal tribute to a very fine piece of sculpture? (note:
just like plagiarism but with better motive.  However still not allowed by 

any of these can explain the situation, and I don't know that any happened or 
Do you?  Does Brian?  Has anyone asked Trcic or Gurney or any editors over at 
Until the list has evidence (just like in science) of Gurney's INTENTIONAL
plagiarism, perhaps this should be taken off-list.

-Betty Cunningham

Daniel Varner wrote:

> >And you, Betty, have never, ever, seen Mike Trcic's sculpture of
> Daspletosaurus have you?
>  Dan Varner.