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re: Mr. Z-rex

> Some of you may have heard of the Tyrannosaurus specimen that has been
> nicknamed "Mr. Z. rex".  It is in private hands, and thus (SFAIK) it
> is not accessible to public inspection. 

I downloaded a picture off their _commercial_ site about a
month ago (not at the URL Mickey gave below), that shows a guy holding
a cervical rib that I swear is the spitting image
of Scott Sampson (the guy, not the rib).
At the URL that Mickey gave, the same picture is shown,
but with ?Scott's head now disarticulated from the rest
of the photo.

Sampson was on the the Wankel T. rex digging crew while he was
at MOR, so perhaps he visited these guys too, and
gave them pointers on prepping (they probably needed a lot of pointers).
I would like to know if that really is Scott in the picture.

>  But to see the images, go to:
> http://home1.gte.net/docpaleo/rex.htm