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Re: Re-upping and Jim Gurney

I've been following this controversy in the wings, both as a lawyer and as
the president of a company that creates intellectual property (software). Art
has always been viewed somewhat differently in the area of protected
intellectual property.  Howmany paintings by artists over the years have
dealt with a similar theme. One can look at the pietas of Donatello and
Micheangelo, or the compositions of many of the classicist that are labled as
variations on a theme of ______.

It would seem that current controversy this falls very close to the same
practice that has been going on in the arts for  centuries.  In fact some art
schools still teach painting skills by having students "copy" the great
paintings and styles of the great artists. We all know that there are artist
who have had lucrative and legitimate careers as "copiests".

Just passing thoughts as I watch fromt he wings.

Instead of turkey today we are have archyopteryx on our platter.

John Ellingson from the tundra of Madison, WI