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>        We urge that readers of the dino-list regard GSP's recent novella
>("theropod lung unreality") with the skepticism it deserves.  All of the
>objections/issues raised by him (as well as others) were raised and easily
>dealt with in the course of  peer-review before the paper appeared in the 14
>November SCIENCE.

Gosh... this people must be desperate. Not only they CAN'T prove any of
their own points but still are also clinging to their own falsehoods and
I was there when Luis Chiappe rose his voice accusing them of using an
outdated and badly reconstructed Archaeopteryx pelvis to make their point
and the only answer he could get from them was embarrassed silence.
I also can testify that all the argument of the collagen fibres in
Sinosauropteryx came tumbling down not only as Philip Currie was
demonstrating the hollowness of the 'spiny' structures, but right from the
moment Jones and Ruben were showing slides of the real collagen fibres
(that looked like fuzzy 'fur' and were patently some other kind of tissue
that had nothing to do with Sinosauropteryx proto-feather structures).
I know, this must look like a reiterative post over things that have
already been said, but...as I said in a post before: when some people don't
want to see what is in front of them, there is no hope that they will ever
see it.

There will be even more surprises with respect of air sacs in theropods in
the very near future.

Luis Rey

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