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Terry Jones said:

>We urge that readers of the dino-list regard GSP's recent novella
>("theropod lung unreality") with the skepticism it deserves.  All of the
>objections/issues raised by him (as well as others) were raised and easily
>dealt with in the course of  peer-review before the paper appeared in the 14
>November SCIENCE.  Thus, for example:


Thanks for taking the time to reply.

>We could go on to refute all of  GSP's objections, but in the interest of
>time we need to devote most of our energies to the peer-reviewed literature. 

On the other hand,  why bother to reply if the concluding message is that
your audience isn't worth the time and bother to talk to?

Then again, its Thanksgiving, and I'm sure we all have better things to do.

Thanks agin ... I think.

  --Toby White