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Re: Megaraptor

Quoth Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.:
>Having seen photos & drawings of Megaraptor, I can say that it is very
>similar to dromaeosaurids if it isn't a true dromaeosaur.  Of course, there
>is another big avialian in the same sediments, for which we don't have
>overlapping material, so it may be that Megaraptor will lose its name in
        Is this to imply that dromaeosaurs are "avialians". What's an
"avialian"? Do big ones have sickle claws too? Is this like an avialan?
Aren't those birds? What's my name? Am I missing some important piece of
information here. I am very confused. I don't even know what day it is.
Excuse me, I have to go calculate the jadeite+quartz/anorthite phase boundary...

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