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Definitions of Dinosaurian Taxa

I have just constructed a preliminary new page for my site, one which
lists all the supergeneric non-neornithine dinosaur taxa used in my
dinosaur pages. It also lists the definitions for each taxon. For many of
them, if I didn't know the precise cladistic definition, I just made up
one that seemed to make sense. Thus, I'm not sure how accurate the page
is, and haven't linked to it from any other pages.

If anyone's feeling particularly bored this weekend and is too lethargic
from overdoses of turkey to do anything else, or if they're not American
and are just bored anyway, I invite them to visit this page-in-the-making


and see if I've done anything mildly wrong (which I'm sure I have) or
outrageously wrong (which I think I've avoided).

Happy Thansgiving to all fellow Merkins--
Good Day to all others--

--T. Michael Keesey
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