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Peers or Piss Ants? (was Re:THEROPOD LUNG UNREALITY (LONG))

Hello Dinosaur subscribers,

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the intent of this message in regard to GSP's
earlier posting regarding the OSU stand on bird-dinosaur relationship or
lack of. I am not attempteing to adress that issue one way or another, yet.
I do, however have a problem wth the general tone of the posting by Terry
D. Jones, (jonest@ava.bcc.orst.edu). He wrote;

>We could go on to refute all of  GSP's objections, but in the interest of
time we need to devote most of our energies to the peer-reviewed literature.<

Do "we" members of this forum seem of such intellectual unimportance that
we cannot be considered "peers"? Is an apparently well thought out
response, such as Mr. Paul's,  so trivial that it is below Mr. Jones to
respond in an appropriately professional manner? If one were to be quick to
judgement one might assume this attitude to be snippish and childlike. In
the intersets of who's time, yours? Then why bother to respond at all? I
would like to suggest that if Mr. Jones is serious about his position he
take the time to refute Mr. Paul's earlier posting, if he can. Our time is
just as important as his, and to respond only to the points he feels
important, or addressable, is a one-way ticket. Most of us want the entire
ride when we get on the bus.

The another issue I would like to address is Mr. Jones use of the word "we"
in his posting. Either he is writing with the assistance of unnamed others,
or as a collaberation of unnamed "peers". I understand that when one works
within a group the colective can be reffered to as "we", but in this
situation I would prefer Mr. Jones act and speak for himself or name,
entirely, the team members that allow the use of the term. To not name the
others is a disservice to them. If he is not allowed to name the others
then show us the respect of omitting the referenve to those omitted, and be
a little less Borg-like.

If Mr. Jones would like to see how a class arguement is handled on this
list I suggest he review the archives of the debate Dr. Farlow and I had
concerning falling Tyrannosaur mechanics. His effort and professionalism
mark him as a class act, of which he has few "peers".


One more point I would like to address before closing this "novella" is the
use of non-mail dedicated software to post messages to the list. Lately
some have been sending mail with Netscape® or some other software that
includes a list of HTML code along with the message. Please use something
else. Some of choose not to dedicate several megs of RAM just to retrieve
mail, just to strip out this code. It also makes for hard reading and ones
point can get lost very easily.

I have to switch to Eudora® to post here because Claris® Emailer, my choice
to download mail, includes CR's and quote inclusions that are invisable
from within that application. I do so as a matter of consideration for
others here.

To make another suggestion, without sounding too much like a royal bitch,
do we have to include an entire previous posting when responding to it? It
just wastes bandwidth and makes for longer download times.

Roger A. Stephenson
Turning 44 on the 28th :-|