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I don't know if this is a wide-spread thing yet, but be aware...bad things
are out there!

>I've just received a message from the Pathology head office at the
>University of British Columbia about the following computer viruses that are
>being sent by email.  They have advised forwarding the information to as
>many people as you can.  I've reworded the original message for brevity.

>1) A new computer virus is being sent by email, it is entitled:
>        JOIN THE CREW
>  If you open it it will erase everything on your hard drive.
>2) Another new virus is entitled:
>  If you really get undeliverable mail it will come back as "Undelivered
>Mail" in the subject line.
>3)  The old one to remember is entitled:
>Without all the details, any of these will destroy your hard drive and/or
>your boot sector data.  In addition, some of them will automatically forward
>to all the email addresses in your mailbox, if you open them.  Please pass
>this message along to everyone else on your email list.