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Re: What is a dromaeosaurid?

T. Mike Keesey wrote:
> On Thu, 27 Nov 1997, Christopher Straughn wrote:

> >       Also, I today saw the illustration of "Megaraptor" in Nat'l Geo.
> > The illustration makes it look about the size of Albertosaurus.  I
> > have a hard time believing that a Dromaeosaur body frame could hold
> > all that mass.
> Tyrannosaurs are pretty gracile themselves, aren't they?
Also about the size of the Megaraptor; wouldn't it not be able to follow 
 the "normal" dromaeosaurid hunting habit of leaping upon its prey, due
to the risk of severely wounding itself if it fell, what with its high
mass and all? Is that the "normal" hunting habit attributed to dromies?
Or did I miss something?(It's quite likely.) 
                                              Peace, BHR