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Jim Gurney bashing

Well, to begin with, I really liked his Giganotosaurus painting. I think its 
one of his best works. Now I didn't know he copied it off of a Tricic 
skulpture, though, so I imagine the skulpture is better (I think I've seen it).

I think Jim has gotten better over the years. You can tell which drawings he 
has 'ripped' off by looking at his Dinotopia and which one's he had to do on 
his own, there is a difference.

Brian has expressed his opinion of Jim and his work, and he brings up a valid 
point. I've seen for years, other artist being ripped off by other artisit. A 
lot of it is in childrens books, and not only the pose but the style is ripped 
off also. Some of the mistakes are drawn over and over and then more are made. 
What the artist need to do is research, but it's far easier to just rip off 
another artist.

But then there is the case of a use (for a lack of a better word) of a pose. 
Brian has painted a Chirostenotes in a pose that I drew for George Olshevsky's 
Archiosaurian Articulations many a moon ago. This was the first skeletal and 
life restoration of Chirostenotes and I gave the animal a short tail. (I'm 
really curious to see how Sues  depicts the new Chirostenotes materal). I am 
flattered by Brian and I'm glad to see it done in color, since I don't paint 
(at least not yet). But this is a different case than what Gurney does. I'm not 
sure if Jim understands what he is doing or not, but if he isn't he should be 

For Greg Paul this is a big problem, his works are always being 'ripped' off.

Even George Olshevsky has had his ankylosaur drawings ripped off. We laugh each 
time we see a new book with HIS drawing of one of his anykylosaurs still being 
used. Again the artist isn't doing his research.

Can something be done about this? Who does one contact? The artist or the 
publisher? And more importantly, would they even care? Probably not.