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Re: Megaraptor (again)

To all,

Well, I've gotten a lot of response to what I wrote about the new find, 
*Megaraptor*, some favorable, some not. I expected that, and that was 
why I posted the stuff in the first place. To begin, none of what I 
wrote I support as absolute fact -- when dealing with dinosaurs, who 
can? *Deinonychus* has recently had a face-lift (thanks to Greg Paul, 
who published the most recent restoration, and in my mind the best and 
most accurate).

But with concern to *Megaraptor*, I never said he was similar to 
*Noasaurus*. I merely stated that little argentine as an example. And to 
clarify for others, I do believe *Noasaurus* has more in common with 
*Ornitholestes* than with *Carnotaurus*. However, as everything, that 
can change.

I haven't seen anything about the cladobabble bit since I posted that 
first message on the Argentina "raptor".

: )

The fact is, I did not say *Megaraptor* was a spinosauroid. I said that 
a case can be made against in being a raptor by showing that the same 
was done with *Baryonyx* for almost ten years, when the "world's largest 
'raptor' " was found in Oxfordshire (?), England.

However, it _could_ be a spinosauroid, or a raptor, or something more or 
like an allosauroid, or something totally new. My main case was that the 
claw touted as "pedal" could be "manual", as in *Baryonyx*.

My case.


Jaime A. Headden, or Jaemei (the Arboni spelling of my name)

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