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RE: alert!

At 11:31 -0500 28/11/97, JohnE37179@aol.com wrote:
>Actually, John, my point is that these two new viruses can infect you,
>if you save your email. I'm not sure about simply downloading it to
>read it (I have not heard of it happenig as yet)...

Have you any hard information about these two viruses?  Firm examples
of people/sites affected ora name perhaps?

I can't find any reference to such a virus at the CIAC (the Computer
Incident Advisory Capability - http://www.ciac.llnl.gov) which is the most
reliable source of information about viruses.  That's not to say that they
don't exist, rather that if they do and CIAC doesn't know about them
then they need to be told.

Even if such a virus exists it would have to be extremely platform
and mail software dependent.

Incidentally the CIAC has a page listing a whole lot of virus hoaxes
(http://ciac.llnl.gov/ciac/bulletins/h-05.shtml), it is always a good
idea to check this page when someone sends a virus warning over
the net.

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