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Correcting one of my statments about dinosaur artist

Brian e-mailed me about my comments about one of his drawings, and rightly so I 
must add, so I'm going to recount what I said and try to put into words what I 
actually ment.

Sometimes artist will use and existing drawing, weither it is a skeletal or 
life restoration for their work. For example Brian used my Chirostenotes 
drawing as a template, but he CHANGED the drawing and DIDN'T use it excatly 
like I drew it. He put them into a running pose and changed the angle. There is 
nothing wrong with that. That should be done, and I do that all the time. I 
don't want to use another artists pose, coloration etc. I want to use my STYLE 
and each and every artist should do this. What is getting up Brian and Dan craw 
is Gurney's use of existing skulptures and drawings in his work without 
changing anything, and I agree with them that that shouldn't be done.

I hope that clears things up (Brian?)