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dinosaur and perissodactyl digits

I'm sure it's out there in the literature, but does anyone know how
horse/other perissodactyl limbs develop? Modern horses just have digit III,
which means they must have switched something around.

<sarcasm>Gee whiz, could biology possibly be complex? Could simple
explanations and reliance on strict dichotomies mask underlying complexity?
Wow, that would be such a revelation.</sarcasm> Sigh.

Anyway, if anyone's familiar with the horse limb literature, I'd be curious
to hear how they manage to end up as III. There's got to be plenty in the
veterinary lit if nowhere else. Ahh, and then there's aquatic vertebrates
like ichthyosaurs, sauropterygians, etc., but that's another story.

                       --John R. Hutchinson