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that e-mail virus hoax

This hoax will probably never be stamped out, but here's one more try:

None of the below has any basis in fact. You can't send an executable virus
by e-mail. If you could, we'd be reading about it on the front page of the
newspaper, assuming they could get a newspaper out :-)

>1) A new computer virus is being sent by email, it is entitled:
>        JOIN THE CREW
>  If you open it it will erase everything on your hard drive.
>2) Another new virus is entitled:
>  If you really get undeliverable mail it will come back as "Undelivered
>Mail" in the subject line.

Oh, that's a new and terrifying twist.

>3)  The old one to remember is entitled:
>Without all the details, any of these will destroy your hard drive and/or
>your boot sector data.  In addition, some of them will automatically forward
>to all the email addresses in your mailbox, if you open them.

> Please pass
>this message along to everyone else on your email list.

And of course, please do NOT pass the scare along. This is how the hoax
spreads - the HOAX itself is a virus, and it is vectored by well-meaning,
uncritical people with lots of e-mail pen pals.

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