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Re: Quartzite, Arizona

At 01:22 AM 12/1/97 +0000, you wrote:
>I was vacationing in Arizona a few years back, and got a chance to visit the
>opening of a huge mineral/fossil show at a place called Quartzite(?), about
>100 miles out of Yuma. I am going back to Yuma early next year, and would
>like to time my visit so as to coincide with the height of the show.  Does
>anyone know the precise dates?
>And what are the ethics of purchasing a fossil at a show like this?  Am I
>likely to be impeding the march of knowledge?  Am I likely to get ripped off?
>M.J. Murphy
>The Shapes of Things are Dumb.
>-L. Wittgenstein
 Dear M.J.M., Your question is east to answer. Simply, Email the Society of
Vertebrate Paleontology, svp@sba.com and ask if they can send you their
By-Law on Ethics (Article 9. Statement of Ethics). If you have any problems
obtaining this, contact me off-list. This is the standard.
 Dan Varner.>