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Re: weights etc of dinosaurs

Helen Anderson wrote:
> Most mammalian carnivores today eat quite small prey.  Lions
> will not take on anything too large unless they are in a pride hunting.
> For this reason, elephants, unless very sick, juvenile or old, are free
> from predation.  I guess fully grown sauropods would also have been.  If
> you look at foxes, for example, in the UK their main diet consists of
> earthworms, rather than chickens!  Anything the dinosaur wanted to eat
> would have to fit inside its head.  Of course, it could tear off chunks
> of flesh and swallow them and I'm sure this happened with the larger
> ones.  I think a lot of the smaller predatory dinosaurs ate things very
> much smaller than them - such as our ancestors!

actually, aren't reptiles one of the few animals that will attempt to
eat things larger than they should?
I've heard of several pet snakes, crocs, monitors, and alligators
getting out and attempting to eat the family(dog,cat,other
snakes,armchair) and dying in the attempt.  What's to say dinosaurs were
brighter than reptiles?

           Betty Cunningham  
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