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On Thu, 28 Aug 1997, Darren Tanke wrote:

>  I have just been informed by middle and upper management at the Royal
> Tyrrell Museum to immediately stop issuing my bimonthly and monthly lab and
> field updates of dinosaur research programme activities of Royal Tyrrell
> Museum staff. Why? Because I have just found out something I wrote

I'm just catching up on things here and wanted to throw my support
behind Darren and the updates he's been sending out. I get a couple
hundred messages a day from about 5 different lists and Darren's have
always made it to my "Save" pile. His work in keeping us all informed
about the ongoings of the RTMP, esp. during dig season have been a
wonderful example of outreach and publicity for the list and the dino
community at large. It is truly a shame that such a useful service
like the RTMP updates must now fall by the wayside. They will be missed.

I've also read Mr. Cole's apology and while I'm sure he was being sincere,
I think you owe Darren a bit more than a simple "The net ate my
homework.." as an apology. As for editing things down and being tight on
space, his title(Technician) is in his .sig at the end of every message of
his and is only one character longer than "scientist". Surely a man's
reputation is worth a few extra pixels/points?

----Steve, Thyreophor-fan.