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Re: Still more claws

I'm delighted that you checked out the Geographic website, Judy. It's rather
unfortunate that more of this material wasn't used in the article. Hopefully
they will publish this work in the future.
What caught my attention is that when a cat's claw is retracted it is
actually relaxed. When all the machinery is activated, the claw comes down.
Usually on my hand in the case of my two felines. But not too often, they are
awfully good about it. It seems as if we have been assuming exactly the
opposite about digit 2 in the dromaeosaur foot.
At any rate, I would still like to see a thorough study of the Velociraptor
vs. Protoceratops specimen in Mongolia. Does one exist or is under way? I
still think that a study of the dromaeosaur foot would make an excellent M.S.
Aren't some of you beginning to think of such things now that the days are
getting shorter?
Dan Varner.