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Re: New theory!

About the perfect adaptation.
The changes of gravitation(and orbit) continued not so long time, as you
think.If speed of change the orbital radius was about 1 km/sec.,the
Earth went away from Sun-from first orbit(radius=88 mln.km.)to the
second orbit(modern radius=150 mln.km.)-for 2-5 years(you can to
calculate it).For such speed(of going away) be needed to deviate the
orbital course to 2 grades/degree with Earth's orbital speed at 30
km/sec.This calculations are approximate, without slowing down of speed,
but sufficient precision.
So, dinos were cannot to adapt(so quickly) for new gravitation. More,the
adaptation to bigger gravitation is the decrease of size and weight of
the anymals' and plants' body.You can calculate it by "Principle of the
durabilities' correlation"(in the New theory3 list incorrect printed the
durables).Do you see so big(dinos-like) anymals around.It is adaptation!
One way for adaptation with heavy weight is inhabit in the water, as
whales, crocodiles , hyppopotams, etc.I think(and hope) you don't admit
that the dinos were able to decrease their weight at 20*(onces ?) for
2-20 yearts(by one life).
Do you agree with me?
Argiments' continue:
With gravitation changes were grew:the air pressure, blood
pressure,water(and other liquid) pressure, weight all of the body and
its parts pressure,that important for plants, grew the wind pressure and
atmosphere got cold, because Earth went away from the Sun.The grow wind
pressure assisted/furthered for appearance the flowers in the flora.
To be continued.
Please send your responses only to list. 
P.S. In the "New theory2" in
phrase"all have doubts" I meant "everybody have doubts", so excuse me if
you understend another.In our languige for mean the" all, everything and
everybody" we use one word.