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Re: lay person

I am aware of very few animals who have no common names.  could you  list a
few for me (let's not use the obvious ones such as the tyrannosaurus or the
boa).  I'd be willing to bet that most animals are called by common names,
and these do differ in locations, that's why we have the scientific names, to
keep it all straight.

In a message dated 97-09-01 03:21:58 EDT, you write:

<< Some animals have no common names.  What then? Everyone make up their
 own?  This has happened many times, and it still comes down to the
 scientific name if we want to communicate important information about
 that creature.  Common names are fine, as long as the scientific name is
 readily available.
 Sometimes the scientific name becomes the common one (Boa constrictor,
 Tyrannosaurus, many plants and flowers).  So some lay people _do_ run
 around calling these things by their scientific name.  It's all a matter
 of what you are used to, and how you are trained. >>