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Re: Marshosaurus

In a message dated 97-08-29 03:16:31 EDT, you write:

> You never know what you'll find rummaging through old books.  As I was
>  rummaging through Donald Glut's _The Complete Dinosaur Dictionary_ (1982),
>  stumbled upon a copy of J.H. Madsen's drawing of the pelvis of
>  (pg. 169).  I had never seen this animal illustrated before, so if no one
>  minds, I would like to take this opportunity to throw in my two cents
>  w/respect to this creature.
Bite me! (Not you Nick).

I too have an old edition onf Glut's Dino dictionary but mine is the 1984
printing. And it does not have Marshosaurus in it anywhere!

Oh well. Just browsing through this obsolete version I could not help but
notice, that even as of 1984, the number of Scientifically _incorrect_
entries. for instance, there's the "traditional" figure of the Brachiosaur
submerged up to it's neck in water for "buoyancy support", and of course,
tail dragging dinos! Still, the artwork alone is a treasure making the book
worth keeping. 

And I nearly gave it away !

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies