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Re: Royal Terrel Museum

At 09:14 AM 9/1/97 -0500, bruce thompson wrote:
>>"Middle and upper management"...well, now, that just says it all,
>>doesn't it?
>>It is clearly obvious to me that said "management" has a serious case of
>>Cerebral Proctitus--perhaps a block and tackle would help.
>>Where can I send a protest?
>Is that the same thing as "Cranio-Rectal Inversion?"
>Darren's asked everyone not to protest to the museum's administration.
>But, darn the luck, I went to their website and volunteered my opinion
>before Darren's note came through.  Sure hope they're not too stuck on
>their titles and stations to change their minds.

   If anybody wants to voice their opinion, I'm asking on my website that if
people want the updates to continue that they send their comments to ME.
I'll keep them and forward them on to Darren should he desire to have them
for whatever use he can make of them.

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