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Loss of D. Tanke updates :-(

hello everyone,

Isn't it a damned shame we are now without the updates about the great work
going on @ the RTMP? Is the upper paleontological structure so fragile it
may fall apart as easily as our Hell Creek bones. Get some consolidant on
that before it turns into Explodosaurus max.

Seeing as the dental tools arranged as they were in Dromeosaurs, and the
hooking effect with the forlimbs, even if the enlarged claw were not a
ripping tool these samllish dinosaurs would have been terrible. The
possibility of pack methods of hunting added to this makes these creatures
very dangerous. If one of these beasts was able to climb the side of a
hadrosaur, biting, slashing, and poking with that claw all the way to the
head there may have been no need for help. If a dozen little Dromeosaurs
worked half way together very few herbivors could have withstood the damage
they couild inflict.

Is it pronounced Ankleo or Ankeyelow for Ankylosaur(s)?