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In a message dated 97-09-02 04:37:03 EDT, franczak@ntplx.net (Brian Franczak)
 about his feeling that the dinos with cycle claws could not use them
effectively to slash. 

Cats (feline) will grasp their prey with the front claws and then tear the
hell out of its with the ped claws. My cats can literally tear my skin to
shreads if I were to let them and they do not suffer loss of claws or any
other damage. They can go right thru my skin with no effort. Anyone who would
like to verify this just put a cat on its side and scratch its stomache. The
way out is to relax. I can easily see the same (but better) use of the big
cycle claws on these dinos. And remember they would be covered with a sheath
(like my cats) that will make things even more dangerous.

paul sparks