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Re: Amylose (joke)

On Wed, 03 Sep 1997 07:54:56 +1000 Dann Pigdon writes:
>       Amylose would probably be digested by the enzyme amylase, which
is >found in human saliva. Does this mean that insects willliterally
"melt in your mouth"? >If there is anyone out there willing to try this
experiment please let me know of the >results. I'm curious, but not that
Well, he asked.  Being a lizard, well, been there, done that.  But only
when I'm sure the insect has not been exposed to insecticide.  No, they
don't melt; they crunch.  And before someone asks, there's no difference
in taste between red and black ants, either.  Haven't been stupid enough
to try eating fire ants.  Apologies to those on this list who  really
didn't want to know...

Alright, everybody who believes in telekinesis, raise my hand!