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On Tue, 2 Sep 1997, Jeffrey Martz wrote:

> I hope once his bosses understand what
> happened they will losen up.  It isn't like he is leaking government
> secrets.  

Isn't it?

>From my admittedly incomplete understanding, the RTM is funded at least
partially by elements of the Canadian government, is the official
paleontological institute in Alberta, is partially responsible for the
drafting of several regulations regarding paleontology in that province,
and wields enough political clout that little happens therein without the
RTM's permission.

If I'm wrong on these facts, correct me.

But if I'm right, it means that the RTM is the paleontological branch of
the Alberta provincial government, at the very least. Thus, Mr. Tanke
probably _was_ giving out government secrets, even though that was
undoubtedly not his intent. This would certainly explain their attitude
toward dissemination of updates on the work they perform (updates which
they likely knew about and agreed to beforehand), toward RTM members'
official titles, and apparently toward any show of honest _support_ for
Mr. Tanke. Well, you get what you vote for.

Misquotations and that sort of thing are inevitable. If an institution 
cannot withstand them, then it doesn't deserve even a single member with
the kind of enthusiasm that drives him to spread news of the field he
loves into the real world where misquotations sometimes happen.

I hope this is resolved without detriment to Mr. Tanke, but the above may
explain what seems to surprise so many of you, and put into perspective
what he and the others involved are up against.