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Re: Loss of D. Tanke updates :-( [SORT OF]

This really is a post initially concerning the pronunciation question:

        When I was young, I thought it was pronounced 'ankle-o-saur', but after 
education I came to realize that it should be pronounced 'an-KY-lo-saur'.  (Am 
I wrong or am I right?)

I miss the updates about the RTMP work as well.  Even though I have only been 
on this list for about a month, I have browsed the archives.

Note about the dromeosaur slice-and-dice capabilities:  These animals did not 
possess scalpels or serrated steak knives for claws, but the large hooks were 
certainly used to penetrate flesh and hold onto bones, etc.  And if they 
didn't hold on, the flesh would be severely torn.  Not elegant or precise, but 
definitely effective!