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Re: tyrannosaurus

Dr. Holtz wrote:
At 11:50 AM 9/2/97 -0400, DinoGeorge wrote:
>>How do you like that!? Indeed, the skull was not mounted on the skeleton; a
>>carved wooden replica was. As with AMNH 5027, the skull was deemed too heavy
>>to be mounted on the skeleton and was left in a floor exhibit. So now
>>someone's walked off with this too-heavy skull!?

>I imagine it was more of a case of a truck in the night and an inside job of
>someone wanting to make a quick buck...

        Doesn't a certain very high-ranking member of congress (one who
recently demonstrated that *anyone* can dig bones with proper supervision)
have a "T. rex" skull in his congressional office?
        Haven't relations between the House and Russia gotten more friendly

        The truth is out there...
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