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Re: tyrannosaurus

At 11:24 AM 9/3/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>        Doesn't a certain very high-ranking member of congress (one who
>>recently demonstrated that *anyone* can dig bones with proper supervision)
>>have a "T. rex" skull in his congressional office?
>       I seem to recall that Mr. Newt does have that skull.  But it's
>not the one from Russia.  Newt had it LONG before the T. rex skull in
>Russia got swiped.

Newtros Newtros Gingi (anyone remember THAT Top Ten List... :-) has a cast
of the MOR skull.

>Then again, the Russians are selling ANYTHING for
>hard currency these days...

The first specimens to be reported as stolen from the Paleontological
Institute in Moscow were some Permo-Triassic amphibian specimens.  The
dinosaur specimens were reported missing less than a year ago.

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