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Are you familiar with the attack of the Cassowary.  I believe it uses the
inner claws (in a Dromaeosaur fashion) to attack at other members
(male-male rivalry) of its species.  It has been said that they are
capable of eviscerating men with these claws (I've lost the source on this

Casey T.

On Wed, 3 Sep 1997, Brian Franczak wrote:

> Paul Sparks wrote:
> > Cats (feline) will grasp their prey with the front claws and then tear the
> > hell out of its with the ped claws. My cats can literally tear my skin to
> > shreads if I were to let them and they do not suffer loss of claws or any
> > other damage. They can go right thru my skin with no effort. Anyone who 
> > would
> > like to verify this just put a cat on its side and scratch its stomache. The
> > way out is to relax. I can easily see the same (but better) use of the big
> > cycle claws on these dinos. And remember they would be covered with a sheath
> > (like my cats) that will make things even more dangerous.
> It's far easier to shred something with eight claws (cats) than it is with
> two (dromaeosaurs). There is a great difference between the paddle-shaped
> foot of a cat and the tridactyl foot of a theropod: design-wise, they are
> not comparable as "weaponry". There is also a difference between flaying
> flesh and disemboweling. Is there any evidence of a pride of lions taking
> down prey larger than themselves and then all together disemboweling it
> with the claws on their feet?
> (An aside: my cat Spot comes into my studio several times a day, flops onto
> her back, and lets me vigorously rub her tummy; her claws *never* come into
> play)
> Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)