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Re: Oregon Dinos

Went up to Newport for the holiday to see my parents.  Took your advice
to see the display at the Aquarium.  I found it highly enjoyable.  It
was all the work of Ray Troll, an artist with much the same style as
many of the underground comics of the early 70's.  Very much a
California thing.

But the humor was great.  And some of the displasy to explain his humor
were excellent.  I agree that much of the humor would go over the head
of many who visit.  But I found many kids thoroughly enjoying the
display.  I loved it.  Paleontology presented in a humorous fashion with
marvelous puns, visual and verbal!  But always with a concern for

Strongly recommend to anyone with a sense of humor and a love of
paleontology.  Those on the list who take themselves and paleontology
too seriously, should stay away; they might be offended.

Thanks very much for recommending this.  I would have missed it
otherwise.  We were just going to go in and see Keiko, then split. 
Instead, I had a very pleasant and amusing afternoon.  (And Keiko was
having a snit and didn't show anyways!)