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footprint casts possible?

hello all,
I just subscribed because I have a dino-crazed son and i'm having trouble
keeping up with him.:-) I've been learning lots the past week or so,

I have a questions which I hope won't be out of line;
I'm planning a trip to dinosaur national monument park and was looking for
suggestions on where in the area we might see some tracks. I'll be
traveling with several people ranging in ages from 4yrs. to  72 yrs.  Also,
does anybody know if it is allowed to make casts of the tracks?  and if so,
what is the best way --plaster of paris perhaps? I've never made a cast so
if anybody has any hints, I would appreciate that too.  The route we will
be traveling is roughly: zion to moab to grand junction to dinosaur to
vernal to salt lake city back to zion.