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Re: Jim Kirkland is back from Mongolia

At 02:09 AM 9/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Jim Kirkland emailed this to me and said I could post it on the net.
>Just got back from Mongolia.
>Before going into the Gobi, I got to see quite a few specimens. One was
>an articulated ankylosaur tail with triangular lateral spines just like
>in hunting dinosaurs. 
>The Flaming Cliffs (Byan Dzak) was great. I found a veloceraptor with
>skull the first hour. Then a crushed bird egg. The next day the guys 
>thought they had found two proto skulls, and I turned them into one 
>large Pinacosaurus skulls.

{remaining haul deleted}

I have GOT to get my skinny ass over to Mongolia, and soon!!

Anyone out there got a few spare kilobucks they want to give to a certain
theropod worker...

Congrats, Jim!  It sounds like a fun trip!

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