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Re: footprint casts possible?

Ooo - I gotta plug the great book by our own 'girl dino writer'.  I don't
know if it addresses this in particular, but it'll give you lots of great
dino-fodder for family vacations!

        DinoTrekking - by Kelly Milner Halls

They carry it at Barnes and Nobles.

At 11:48 PM 9/3/97 -0700, Zeebie wrote:
>hello all,
>I just subscribed because I have a dino-crazed son and i'm having trouble
>keeping up with him.:-) I've been learning lots the past week or so,
>I have a questions which I hope won't be out of line;
>I'm planning a trip to dinosaur national monument park and was looking for
>suggestions on where in the area we might see some tracks. I'll be
>traveling with several people ranging in ages from 4yrs. to  72 yrs.  Also,
>does anybody know if it is allowed to make casts of the tracks?  and if so,
>what is the best way --plaster of paris perhaps? I've never made a cast so
>if anybody has any hints, I would appreciate that too.  The route we will
>be traveling is roughly: zion to moab to grand junction to dinosaur to
>vernal to salt lake city back to zion.
        In Peace - SarahAnne