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Re: Sue Auction

JAdamek390@aol.com wrote:
> Just checked the Sotheby's web page. The auction is to be held on Saturday,
> October 4th. Get your pennies together.
> John P. Adamek

I know I'm sticking my girlish editorial neck out by saying this, but
seeing SUE auctioned off, rather than in the able hands of the Black
Hills Institute, makes me more than a little depressed. 

Again, I've been to Hill City.  I've spent time with the Larsons.  I
didn't go into the meeting with an open mind. I'd been filled with
cautious suspicion by anti-BHI factions.  I was ready to think the
worst.  But a strange thing happened. 

Pete Larson turned out to be a soft spoken, gentle man with a clear
passion for paleontology, not making money.  Money was a means to an
end.  Let's face it, how many PAYING jobs are out there for
paleontologists?  And how much money in acadamia pays for aggresive
digs?  Damn few...damn little. 

Pete Larson found a way to pay for (barely pay for) following his bliss.
And that path led him to Sue. 

Were mistakes made?  Without a doubt.  But Pete has paid for those...a
high price, if you ask me.  Not only was he torn from his family for a
two year sentence in Federal Prison, he lost the one thing he wanted
almost as much...the chance to study SUE.  And ironic as it seems, the
rest of us lost that option in the process.

Am I *for* irresponsible commercial collection?  Absolutely not.  Fossil
theft robs us all of imagination and educational wonder.  We can't learn
about what we never see...but that includes Sue. 

I was once told Pete Larson would sell his grandmother for $1.00.  But
having seen how much he and Neil and the whole BHI gang loved Sue, I
very strongly doubt that.  Maurice Williams, however, is a whole other

If I had a million in pocket change?  Sue would go home to the Black
Hills, where I believe she belongs. And I'd be willing to bet that bank
roll home is where she'd remain...open for examination to any paleo
person brave enough to keep an open mind. 

That's my two cents worth, for what it's worth.  Flame me if you must.