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Segnosaurs again (was Re: Dinosaur Web Pages' Re-Opening)

In a message dated 97-09-04 15:54:28 EDT, znc14@ttacs1.ttu.edu writes:

<< ><< >and limbs of segnosaurs all derive much more readily from
 >prosauropod-like sauropodomorphs than from theropods
 >         And snakes derive more readily from eels, but that doesn't make it
 > right.>>
 >Aw come on. Take almost any part of the segnosaur skeleton, from skull to
 >tail, and compare it with the corresponding region in prosauropods. The
 >similarities are too many to be lightly dismissed.
         And they have not been lightly dismissed. The theories of
 knowledgeable and experienced people such as yourself, Gregory Paul, and
 other dinosaur workers were considered heavily. However, recently, new data
 have caused them to be dissmissed, not lightly, but with a heavy heart and a
 heartfelt "well done" for doing the best that could be done with the
 material then available.
         If you choose to cling to an older theory, this is you right, but it
 does your arguments little service when you make statements like the one to
 which I responded(in an admittedly disrespectful fashion, for which I
 apologize). >>

I know of >no< cladistic analysis of segnosaurs in which the group is
considered to lie outside Theropoda. All the analyses _a priori_ assume
they're theropods and then try to figure out where they go. It is appalling,
given how many characters segnosaurs share with prosauropods and
sauropodomorphs, that nobody has done this.