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JurassiCon Nonprofit Exhibitors

Nonprofit Exhibitors Hall - JurassiCon 1998
Attention all nonprofit organizations (museums, societies, clubs, science
centers, university organizations, etc.) relating to the Paleontology,
Natural History, and Dinosaur sciences...

JurassiCon will provide FREE exhibitor space to nonprofit organizations
who wish to promote themselves at our event.  (1) free 8'x8' space with a
table will be provided to each organization.  This opportunity is offered
in an effort to assist other nonprofits in their public outreach efforts.
 Nonprofit exhibitors may not sell *merchandise* unless they get written
approval from JurassiCon.  Fund raising is permitted, however.

Space is limited and expected to go fast.  To secure free space for your
organization, you must mail a request in writing to the JurassiCon P.O.
Box (see below) as well as complete an Exhibitor Contract form, and
provide PROOF OF NONPROFIT STATUS.  Reservations will be awarded on a
first-come, first-serve basis by postmark.  A written request, proof of
nonprofit status and a completed contract must be on file in order to
reserve your space. 

NOTE:  All persons working in the nonprofit exhibitors hall must have a
valid 1998 JurassiCon membership.   JurassiCon reserves the right to
regulate the use of exhibitor space designated for nonprofit exhibitors.

Interested parties may contact me (off list, please) for an Exhibitor
information packet which will include all the necessary information-
email:  ceratosaur@ juno.com

Thank your for your time,

William J. Bevil
Co-Chairman, JurassiCon
P.O. Box 98308 - Atlanta, GA 30359
(770) 455-6995 8am-5pm e.s.t.
JurassiCon@juno.com  OR  ceratosaur@juno.com
visit our web page: http://www.esosoft.com/evolution