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Re: Theropod eating and attacking

> My "Binas" (the basic reference and tables book used on Dutch schools 
>  for biologie (biology), natuurkunde (physics) en scheikunde 
>  (chemistry), hence the name) shows chitine as being the same as 
>  amylose, except for the NH-CO-CH3 groups in the location of the 
>  hydroxyl groups on each sacharid unit of the polysacharid chain.

Interesting. I received the cc'd copy of this post 3 or 4 dyas ago and
intentionally waited in responding to see just how long the list's copy took
to getb through. That's some lag time! Has anyone else noticed such long (and
longer) lags? 

Another thing I have noticed is the frequent reception of responces to
subjects that have yet to reach me in the first place! Talk about your time

Anyway, thanks for checking. Your responce also encouraged me to look it up
and from my text, I would like to add that many _fungi_ are chitinous as
well. Tasty too!


Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies