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Re: Nesting strategies (was Big = Old = Advanced?)

LN Jeff writes;

>     The type of theropods that would cause massive infant mortality would
>be small types like dromeosaurs and troodontids.  I doubt they would be
>very deterred by the presence of tyrannosaurs; they may have even liked
>having them around to provide scavenging material.

Yet, dromaeosaur territory would be effected by the larger carnivores.  Studies 
on wolf and coyote interaction out west show that the coyotes tend to thrive in 
the areas that wolves will not go (near human habitation, along wolf pack 
territory borders, etc).  Theoretically, if a hadrosaur nest was well within a 
tyrannosaur's living range, it would be relatively safe from dromaeosaur 


Rob Meyerson

"Don't Panic."