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Re: Echinodon

At 04:45 PM 9/5/97 PDT, Felix Landry wrote:
>I have seen in a recent post that _Echinodon_ belongs to the
>Heterodontosaurid family. Hey! This taxon is usually considered like a
>basal Thyreophoran, closely related to _Scutellosaurus_. Can anyone clarify
>this point?

Sereno (1997, Annual Rev. Earth & Planetary Sci.) refers _Echinodon_ to the
Heterodontosauridae.  He also mentions a very small Early Jurassic
heterodontosaurid from the western U.S. (maybe Kayenta Fm.? he doesn't say)
in the collections of the Musuem of Comparative Zoology, Harvard U.

>Can anyne tell me where _Eoraptor_ was discovered?

Valley of the Moon, Ischigualsto-Villa Union Basin, northwest Argentina.

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