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Françoise Forel wrote:
<<I have seen in a recent post that _Echinodon_ belongs to the
Heterodontosaurid family. Hey! This taxon is usually considered like a
basal Thyreophoran, closely related to _Scutellosaurus_. Can anyone clarify
this point?>>

Sereno writes in his recent paper in the Annual Review of Earth and Planetary
Sciences that:

"... and _Echinodon_ from the late Jurassic of of England also appears to be
a heterodontosaurid, although formerly regarded as a "fabrosaurid" (Galton
1978) or a thyreophyran (Coombs et al 1990)  Heterodontosaurids are named for
their heterodont dentition, which includes a short upper (premaxillary)
canine and longer lower (dentary) canine fitted into an arched diastema
between the premaxilla and maxilla.  Except for _Abrictosaurus_, all
heterodontosaurids including _Echinodon_ exhibit these dental features."
 (page 448)

Also check out Tracy Ford's drawing in The Dinosaur Society's Dinosaur
Encyclopedia (page 170) which shows the prominent fangs and diastema.

Peter Buchholz

"I'm sick of your glib answers, I want to know when those sardines are gonna
be in!"