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Call for Papers

     As part of the Spring (late April or early May; the exact date hasn't 
     been set yet) 1999 (1999 is right; nobody can say that I don't give 
     plenty of warning) meeting of the North-Central Section of the 
     Paleontological Society, to be held in Urbana, Illinois, I am 
     organizing a symposium on the topic of
     Functional Morphology and Paleobiology of Fossil Vertebrates
     I am interested in getting papers from persons who work on any 
     taxonomic group of fossil vertebrates (fishes, amphibians, reptiles, 
     birds, mammals), whether terrestrial, freshwater, or marine, of any 
     geologic age.  My chief interest is in presentations concerned with 
     interpreting the organisms in question as living animals (locomotion, 
     feeding, reproduction, physiology, behavior, paleoecology--you name 
     it).  I am especially interested in interdisciplinary studies, 
     particularly those that involve collaborations between paleontologists 
     and ecologists, physiologists, and other "neontologists"; see, for 
     example, the kinds of collaborations that appeared in J.O. Farlow 
     (editor, 1989, _Paleobiology of the Dinosaurs_, GSA Special Paper 
     238--but note that the symposium announced here is NOT limited to 
     studies of dinosaurs).  
     Presentations tightly focused on a narrow aspect of the paleobiology of 
     a single species or group are fine, but broad, synthetic analyses, 
     involving large taxonomic groups or faunas, will also be of interest. 
     Ichnological studies, insofar as they are used to address 
     paleobiological questions, are welcome.  Systematic studies in and of 
     themselves are not of interest, but systematic analyses employed in 
     support of functional morphological or other paleobiological studies 
     are encouraged. 
     Should there be enough interest, I will explore the possibility of 
     finding a publisher for the symposium volume.
     If you are interested in participating in this meeting, please let me 
     know the topic of your prospective contribution by DECEMBER 31, 1997. 
     You can either respond electronically, or send hard copies to:
     James O. Farlow
     Department of Geosciences
     Indiana-Purdue University
     2101 Coliseum Boulevard East
     Fort Wayne, IN  46805  USA