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Re: Therizinosaurs and the Maniraptora

In a message dated 97-09-06 03:14:02 EDT, znc14@ttacs1.ttu.edu writes:

<< Are you aware of Mr. Charles Darwin's quite extraordinary theory of
 evolution by means of natural selection? Oh, you simply must hear of it!
         Mr. Darwin (cheeky old chap that he was) dared to speculate that
 minor variations, such as your "pathological" or "congential" appearance of
 lost body parts, might actually become prevalent in a population if they
 were beneficial to the individuals possessing them! It is truly
 extraordinary! Further, he seems to have thought that this follows rather
 simply from the possibility that such variations might be both advantageous
 and heriditable!
         So, you see my dear George, although you and I as reasonable men
 could never believe such tripe, this fellow Darwin and several million of
 his followers say that this is actually the origin of the anatomical
 structures on animals we see today. How truly odd! >>

I'm not going to dignify Wagner's posts by answering them any more. I've
studied dinosaurs for longer than he's been on this planet, and I'm now
convinced that he is a complete ignoramus. That's it, I'm done, screw it.