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Burning questions

This enquiring museumgoer would like information on various specimens I've
encountered.  Especially would like to be steered to any coverage of the same
in either scientific or popular press.

       1.  the titanosaur is presently being prepared at the Field Museum of
NH, and 
            destined for display.  I'd like to find out more about the

       2.  the Children's Museum of Indianapolis features a free-standing
mount (cast)
            of a small ornithischian dinosaur which bears a nasal horn.  The
            stands approximately 18 - 24 inches at the hip.  Any idea as to
what the 
            animal is?

       3.  a message in the archive makes reference to the Burning Tree
            found in Ohio, as having been sold to someone or some institution
in Japan
            for $625,000.  Is this true?  Not to doubt the statement, but
earlier this year
            I'm certain I happened across an offering of the specimen for
sale on the 
            webpage of one of the many fossil dealers found on the internet.
            weeks later I attempt to re-find it, and couldn't.  can anyone
confirm the 
            specimen's sale to Japan -- and more details?

       4.  the museum at the University of Colorado in Boulder displays the
            skeleton (scapular, partial pelvis, vertebrae) of "Ralphie" --
purportedly the
            oldest dinosaur skeleton from North America (ca. 225 million
years old).
            The carnivore was found near Tucumcari, New Mexico in 1981 by Ken

            Carpenter.  Which geological formation?  Anything new on the
            or its taxonomy?

       5.  in a similar vein, how old is "Gertie" -- the herrerrasaurid (?)
found in the 
            Petrified Forest National Park -- now thought to be?  I believe
it was first
            thought "she" was the world's oldest dino, but that's been
revised.  What's
            basis for the revision?

       6.  I read of "poster" presentations of fossil skeletons, but I have a
vague under-
            standing of that mode of presentation.  Is this a plaque
featuring a silhouette
            of the skeleton with the recovered fossil parts affixed in the

       7.  Tampa, Florida's Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) is
soliciting public
            donations towards the purchase of a "sauropod" skeleton to be
mounted in 
            the museum's foyer.  Does anyone know more about this?

Thanks for any info that you can provide.