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If you don't like Alligators, don't look (long)

Ok, this is a short list of my larger list on the  Family: 

Albertochampsa langstoni 

Alberta, Canada. (where excatally, I don't know)

Judith River Formation, Campanian, Late Cretaceous.

Alligator mississippiensis

South Carolina, Texas and Florida.


Alligator sinensis

Hexian, Anhui Province, China.

Middle Pleistocene.

Alligator visheri

Washington County, South Dakota.

Lower White River Beds, Titanotherium zone, Early Oligocene.

Alligator thomsoni

Agate, Nebraska.

Snake Creek Beds, Middle Miocene.

Alligator parahybensis

Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Alligator mcgrewi

>From the Aletomeryx gracilis Quarry, Cherry County, Nebraska.

Marseland Formation, Upper Most Miocene.

Alligator olseni

Thomas Farm, Gilchrist County, Florida.

Hawthorne Formation, Early Miocene.

Alligator mefferdi

George Sawyer Ranch in Cherry County,  Nebraska.

Ash Hollow Formation, Middle Pliocene.

Alligator luicus

Linqu, Shanwang Linqu County, Shandong Province, China.

Middle Shanwang Formation, Middle Miocene.

Alligator sp

This is the earliest referrence that I have of Alligator

GRANDE, 1984

G-1, Fossil Lake, within a few miles of Fossil Butte National Monument, 


Laney Member, Green River Formation, Eocene.

Allognathosuchus heterodon

Near Black Buttes, Wyoming.

Wasath Beds, Middle Eocene.

Allognathosuchus polyodon

Bluffs of Upper Green River, Wyoming.

Bridger beds, Middle Eocene.

Allognathosuchus prenasalis

Finney Breaks near Fulsom Post Office, South Dakota.

White River Formation, Oligocene.

Allognathosuchus wartheni

Tatman Mountain, near the head of the Grey Bull River in the Big Horn 
Basin, Wyoming.

Wasatch Beds, Lower Bridger, Eocene.

Allognathosuchus riggsi

Phinney Springs, Cheyenne River, South Dakota.

Chadron Formation, Upper levels of Titanotherium Beds, White River, 
Early Oligocene.

Allognathosuchus mooki

Barrel Spring Arroyo, San Juan Basin, New Mexico.

"Taeniolabis" Zone, Puerco Formation, Paleocene.

Allognathosuchus haupti

Messel near Damstadt, Germany.

Lutetium, Middle Eocene.

Allognathosuchus woutersi

Dormalla, Brabant, Belgium.

Lower Sparnacian, Early Eocene.

Allognathosuchus gracilis

Messel, Germany.

Middle Eocene.

Allognathosuchus sp

This is the earliest  reference that I have for this genus

Teruel, north-east Spain.

Wealden Formation, Early Cretaceous.

New Mexico.

Alamo Wash Local Fauna, Late Cretaceous.

Arambourgia gaudryi

Mermerlien, Lot Department in south-west France.

Quercy Phosphorites, Late Eocene.

Balanerodus logimus

UC locality V-4406, Tolima, Colombia, South America.

Chaparral locality, Lower Oligocene.

Bottosaurus harlani

3 miles from White Hill, Birmingham, Burlington County, New Jersey.

 Hornerstown Formation, Maastrichtian, Late Cretaceous.

Bottosaurus tuberculatus

Near Birmingham, Tinton Falls, Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Greensands, Late Cretaceous.

Bottosaurus perrugosus

Eastern Colorado.

Laramie Formation, Maastrichtian, Late Cretaceous.

Brachychampsa montana

25 miles southeast at Lismas, Dawson County, Montana.

Lance Formation, Maestrichtian, Late Cretaceous.

Brachychampsa? sealeyi

NMMNH L-3033 and L-3034, Southeastern San Juan Basin, New Mexico.

Menefee Formation, Allison Member, Lower Campanian, Late Cretaceous.

Brachychampsa sp

This is the earliest reference of this genus that I have

MNA Localities A, B, and C, Northwestern New Mexico.

Horizon: Fruitland Formation, Campanian, Late Cretaceous.

Caiman latirostris

Quebrada Agua Blanca, eastern part of the Province of Salta, Argentina.

Upper Chaco Beds, Pleistocene.

Caiman lutescens

Parana, Argentina.


Cf. lutescens UC locality V-4527, Huila, Colombia, South America.

Unnamed Locality, Late Miocene.

Caiman praecursor 

Vicinity of Parana, Argentina.

Entrerrios beds, Early Pliocene.

Caiman neivensis

Referred material:

UC locality V-4932, Huila Colombia, South America.

Honda Formation, Railway Bridge Locality, Late Miocene.

Caimanosuchus brevirostris

Geisel Valley, East Germany.

Middle Eocene.

Carandaisuchus nativus

probably in Tarija, Bolivia.

Ituzaingo Formation, Miocene-Pliocene.

Certosuchus burdoshi

Clark's Fork Basin, plateau Valley Beds, Arizona.

Early? Clarkforkian, Late Paleocene.

Eoalligator chunyii

Nanhsiung, Kwangtung, Guangdong Province, China.

Shanghu Formation, Paleocene.

Eoalligator huiningensis

Huaining, Anhui Province, China.

Wanghuduen Formation, Paleocene.

Eocaiman cavernensis

Barranca South of Lake Colhue-Huapi, Chubut, Patagonia, Argentina.

Casamayor, Notostylops Beds, Middle or Late Eocene.

Eocenosuchus weigelti

Geisel Valley, Germany.

Middle Eocene.

Hispanochampsa mulleri

Tarrega, Spain.

Early Oligocene.

Melanosuchus fisheri

1/2 km northwest of Camo El Mamon, Northwestern Venezuela.

Upper part of the upper member of the Urumaco Formation, Huayquerian, 

Menatalligator bergouniouxi

Menat, Puy-de-Dome, France.


Notocaiman stromeri

Santa Cruz, Argentina.


Proalligator australis

Vicinity of Parana, Argentina.

Entrerrios Beds, Early Pliocene.

Procaimanoidea utahensis

"Myton Pocket," Uinta Basin, Uinta County, Utah.

Myton member, Eocene.

Procaimanoidea kayi

Levitt Creek, about 5 miles east and south of Mountain View, Uinta 
County, Wyoming.

Black's Fork Member, Bridger Formation, Eocene.

Procaimanoidea sp

Inversand marl pit in Swell, Mantua, Township, New Jersey.

Basal Hornerstown Formation, Late Cretaceous.

Prodiplocynodon langi

Cheyenne River, Niobrara County, Wyoming.

Lance Formation, Maastrichtian, Late Cretaceous.

Purussaurus brasiliensis

Purus River, Brazil.

Late Miocene.

(Note: Does anyone have the reference to the huge skull that is 
referred to this genus?
I don't have it yet, and I've heard that it is published)

Stangerochampsa mccabei

Quarry L1524. about 8 km north-west of the Royal Tyrrell Museum of 
Paleontology at Drumheller, southern Alberta, Canada.

Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Lower Maastrichtian, Late Cretaceous.

Alligatorid gen sp indet.

I have severial listed specimens, the earliest is Campanian.

Also, I have heard that Deinosuchus is actually an Allgator and not a